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Primary & Community Care

On June 1, 2018 the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force hosted a Primary Care Knowledge Exchange in Toronto, Ontario. Clinicians from across Canada were invited to attend.  The purpose of the day long meeting was to share what the various provinces are doing to address malnutrition in the community sector.  To review the report of the Primary Care Knowledge Exchange click on this statement.

CMTF established the Primary Care Working Group in fall of 2018 with a mandate to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition. The working group’s initial focus is on older adults and those transitioning from hospital to home. The working group consists of dietitians, nurses, health care managers and physicians passionate about improving nutrition care in the community sector.


Clinician Resources

The following Canadian resources support health providers in all sectors consider how to detect and manage nutrition risk and malnutrition in older adults.

This video and infographic demonstrate the importance of determining malnutrition and nutrition risk in older adults. Although created in the United States, older adults in Canada have similar risk factors and issues that lead to malnutrition.

This report from the United Kingdom provides a detailed overview of risks that older adults experience resulting in poor food intake and malnutrition and the impacts this has on the healthcare system.


Resources For Older Adults

These Canadian resources provide credible information for older adults to support their nutritional health. They address many of the common risk factors for malnutrition and provide suggestions for older adults, their families and care providers for improving food intake and health.

Additional Resources


Educational recordings from past CMTF / Canadian Nutrition Society webinars and events may be accessed through the Canadian Nutrition Society Education Portal.

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